My mom bought me all of my favorite foods for my birthday. (Some of which I forgot how much I love). I discovered a lot of these while living in the South aka they are not healthy but extra delicious (... A lot of my lists are about food)
  1. Blackberry jam
  2. Pepper jelly
    I had THE most amazing pepper jelly and grilled cheese sandwich at Foster's and now I just want to try and make it myself
  3. Swedish fish
    This could probably also go on my list "candies no one else likes"
  4. Cheese straws
    Bougie cheez-its
  5. Strawberries
    So I could make strawberry shortcakes for my birthday (I've had it as my birthday cake since I was like 5 and made it for myself this year because I'm an adult)
  6. Hummus
    Technically I asked my dad to buy me a giant tub while at Costco but it happened on the same day I opened my presents
  7. Pimento cheese
    Don't look at the ingredients and just enjoy
  8. Thanks mom and dad!!