My sister once told me that I talk about IPA beer the same way vegans talk about their diet (so apparently too much? According to stereotypes) so I figured I'd keep going
  1. Well, obviously IPAs
    I'm sorry but it's the best. So much flavor and punch packed into one drink. Once I went on a beer tour and they passed around a bag of hops and I grabbed a handful and stuck them in my purse bc they SMELLED SO GOOD
  2. My IUD
    I literally try to bring this up in conversation as much as possible. Especially to my guy friends. Because it rocks and because most guys have no idea what girls go through to not get pregnant
  3. Trader Joe's green tea matcha latte
    They stopped carrying it for a few months and everyone heard about it (expect for the actual store employees because I'm a chicken)
  4. My brown thumb
    I love plants and I love nature but I can't keep plants alive (expect for my tomato plant which is KILLING the game). But I can't keep succulents or air plants alive. How.
  5. My tomato plant
    Guys, he's doing so well. From a little sprout to the proud parent of 1 green tomato, he's come so far since April.
  6. That's all I can think of for now but there's got to be more
  7. OR RIGHT. The beauty of roasting vegetables
    Roasted vegetables and trail mix make up 80% of my diet
  8. "When I was in Australia"