So I live in the middle of nowhere with four adults with intellectual disabilities
  1. It was supposed to snow between 1-8 inches (thanks weather forecasters) on Saturday
  2. We were told to go to the store and buy groceries and stockpile wood in case of a power outage
  3. But all of the RAs assumed that everyone was over reacting
  4. Because the South can't handle inclement weather
    Once it snowed an inch. You could still see grass. And my friends from NC refused to drive their cars
  5. So we got a few things from the store and went about our day
  6. THEN
  7. We woke up on Saturday morning to approximately 5 inches of snow
  8. Two toilets stopped working
  9. So we immediately started to fill every possible container with water for drinking/flushing/cooking purposes
  10. I made a full pot of coffee JUST IN CASE
  11. So while my snapchat and Instagram were full of pictures of people building snowmen, I was frantically filling saucepans with water and assuring people that the power was going to last while secretly panicking on the inside
  12. Finally, we got to go out and sled but had to go in after a half hour because fabric gloves are basically worse than no gloves
  13. But now it's Sunday and it's stopped snowing and the power hasn't gone out
  14. And we have like 25 gallons of water stockpiled and no snowmen to show for it
  15. #snowday