1. I'm 23. I was at a prime adolescent age during when the Harry Potter series came out but I didn't get caught up in it
  2. I read the first three when they came out
    I think
  3. I've seen the movie where the bus shrinks with the talking shrunken head (the third?)
    My best friend in 6th grade forced me to watch it
  4. And a few months ago I watched the first one on a lazy Saturday because I thought maybe I get hooked
    Didn't work. The plot was VERY predictable. Sorry
  5. People assume that I don't like Harry Potter because I was homeschooled and therefore not allowed to read them because of witchcraft or something
    I was OBSESSED with fantasy books when I was little (and still now) so that wasn't the issue. Septimus Heap, Inkspell, get at me
  6. My siblings and I just never expressed any interest in them
  7. And now I think it's a nostalgia thing
  8. Because I've tried as a teenager/young adult to get into them. I really have
    Because I felt like I missed out on a defining cultural aspect of my generation
  9. And I just don't get the appeal
    Am I the only out there who feels this way?
  10. I am also very proud that I've managed to avoid spoilers for how the series ends in case I do decide to read them all
  11. In the meantime, it's very difficult for me to accurately answer Buzzfeed quizzes
  12. And a lot of GIFs go over my head
  13. But talk to me about Eragon sometime