I've been doing this my whole life and my friends and family still don't really get it
  1. Sandals show off cool socks
    I have a pair of socks with vegetables with mustaches. Why would I want that hidden by a shoe?!?
  2. Warmth without stuffiness
    Sandals allow for air flow while socks retain warmth. Science
  3. If you follow *trends*, it's coming back in style
    First come the Birkenstocks, then come the socks (although you can and should wear socks with other sandal types)
  4. Maximum versatility
    Cool cloudy morning? Not a problem, I have socks! Ooh, the sun came out! Good thing I'm wearing sandals!
  5. Weed out rude people
    Sure, my friends and family laugh at me but they still like me. If someone truly judges you for your outfit, then you don't want to be friends with them anyway