1. I just bought this sweater
  2. Even though I already own this sweater
  3. Oh hey, loose knit neutral pullover sweater
  4. Davidson crew pullover
  5. My first thrift store purchase
  6. The best oversized sweater
    It once belonged to a high school friend and I'm waiting for him to become a famous artist so I can tell people that this sweater is worth a lot of $$$ (but I'd never sell it)
  7. I could spend $50 on a Patagonia fleece orrrr $2 on this one
  8. My grandpa's sweater #1
  9. I have another blue and grey sweater just like this at home so I have to switch them periodically
  10. My grandpa's sweater #2
  11. Drug rug
    From a different high school friend who is on track to be a famous musician. Hoarding pays
  12. My sister owns the fall version of this sweater. We couldn't find the spring or summer editions
  13. Flannels count as sweaters, right?
  14. Also not technically a sweater but in my sweater bucket
  15. Misc items
  16. Stay tuned for "Sweaters that I own Part 2: My parent's house"