1. I just bought this sweater
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  2. Even though I already own this sweater
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  3. Oh hey, loose knit neutral pullover sweater
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  4. Davidson crew pullover
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  5. My first thrift store purchase
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  6. The best oversized sweater
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    It once belonged to a high school friend and I'm waiting for him to become a famous artist so I can tell people that this sweater is worth a lot of $$$ (but I'd never sell it)
  7. I could spend $50 on a Patagonia fleece orrrr $2 on this one
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  8. My grandpa's sweater #1
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  9. I have another blue and grey sweater just like this at home so I have to switch them periodically
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  10. My grandpa's sweater #2
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  11. Drug rug
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    From a different high school friend who is on track to be a famous musician. Hoarding pays
  12. My sister owns the fall version of this sweater. We couldn't find the spring or summer editions
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  13. Flannels count as sweaters, right?
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  14. Also not technically a sweater but in my sweater bucket
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  15. Misc items
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  16. Stay tuned for "Sweaters that I own Part 2: My parent's house"