Not to the point of a phobia but they make me anxious
  1. Movie theaters
    Not because of claustrophobia but you're in a room with strangers all staring at a screen that's slightly too big?
  2. Moths
    So. Much. Fluttering
  3. Lady bugs
    Ugh they just hang out being all "look at me I'm a cute lady bug" AND THEN THEIR WINGS COME OUT AND THEY FLY AT YOH
  4. People on/in my bed
    I've gotten better but it still stresses me out when someone gets in my bed (Except for a few people 😉)
  5. Rotisserie chickens
    Really all of the little bones that crack when you take off the meat. A rotisserie chicken is what finally made me decide to be a vegetarian
  6. Feet
    Especially if they're on my bed.
  7. Married people who are my age
  8. Checking important emails
    Even if it's good news. I have to work myself up to clicking on it and sometimes it takes several days