Watching and listening from afar
  1. The riots and violence in Charlotte after Keith Lamont Scott's death are all over the news
  2. Days after Terence Crutcher was shot
  3. And part of me is numb to the news
    Almost every week there we learn about an unarmed black man shot by police.
  4. But this chain of events can't become commonplace
  5. We can't let people become figures and statistics. We can't let them become hashtags.
  6. I just received notifications that people liked one of my lists, "Why I'll Miss Charlotte, NC"
  7. And it seem so frivolous and unsubstantiated
  8. Charlotte is more than breweries and banks
  9. It is a city full of living, breathing people
  10. People that are hurting right now
  11. More than I can ever understand
  12. I have never suffered from the systemic racism and inequalities that exist in the US
  13. And especially the South
  14. And it's unfortunately so easy to go about my day without recognizing all of the issues that exist around me
  15. That others deal with. Every. Single. Day
  16. The Charlotte that deals with segregation, poverty, violence, and racism wasn't a part of my day-to-day
  17. And it cost us a life to start having this conversation and recognizing this problems
  18. I am reading and listening and processing. I'm having conversations
    Liking. Relisting. Sharing.
  19. I'm trying to become a better ally with each new tragedy
    Hoping that each one will be the last
  20. Charlotte is hurting
  21. And I'm hurting with it
  22. TLDR: Black lives matter
  23. And I know that this is eloquent or anything new. But it felt important to say something. Anything.