Especially for this holiday season 🎄🎅🏻
  1. Love Actually
  2. Is
  3. Not
  4. A
  5. Good
  6. Movie
  7. Sorry, all
  8. But I have so many issues with this movie and I just don't understand how people watch it and think "awww"
  9. Friends have made the argument that it shows "love as it really is"
    And call me a grinch
  10. But why is commendable to be attracted to the "fat" girl?
    The movie acts like Hugh Grant deserves a medal because she isn't a size 0
  11. Why is "love" telling your best friend how you feel when it's too late and you can only cause harm?
  12. Smothering your feelings and hoping your husband's affair doesn't continue?
  13. It's weird and creepy to fall in "love" with someone after watching them clean for you without ever being able to speak
  14. And don't get me started on the guy who goes to Minnesota because he can't get laid only to have stereotypical Midwestern blonde girls fawn over him because of an accent...
  15. This part of Please Like Me really spoke to me
    Which is an amazing Australian show on Hulu that everyone should watch, by the way
  16. Static
  17. The movie tried to make itself seem deep but it's all really surface level
  18. Except for the porn actors. They're the best
  19. In conclusion: I really think that if it wasn't such a star studded cast no one would have paid attention to it. Sorry.