@Heartsounds I struggled to think of and execute good costumes this year so they both ended up being pretty last minute but hopefully they turn out okay! What are y'all doing?!
  1. I'm going as Guess Who on Friday (keeping with my cardboard requirement)
  2. And Juno and Bleeker on Saturday
  3. BUT some of my other ideas included:
    (I couldn't find friends to do these with me 😭)
  4. Bring It On Down to Wrappingville
    I actually got a friend to agree to do this one but then we realized that we wouldn't be able to get our boxes in a car, much less move around at any party
  5. Awkward yearbook photo
  6. Bob and his burger
  7. Eleven and a waffle
    In both of these, I would be the food stuff. Obvi
  8. An IUD and a uterus
  9. Hotline Bling
    One person is dressed solely in glitter and the other is a phone
  10. Sperm and an egg
    All of the sperm chase around the egg. Like Pacman but adult
  11. An early voting ballot and slutty Donald Trump
    A play off of the hanging chad and slutty pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother. Get it? Get it?
  12. Food trucks
    Would have done this by myself but you rarely see one food truck by itself. It needs a rally
  13. @everyone If any of these ideas speak to you please run with them and send me all of the pictures
  14. UPDATE: Juno
    We started out at too classy of a bar and were the only ones in costume for the first three hours. Worth it
  15. And we ended up staying in on Friday night because we're lame 23 year olds but I still prepped the Guess Who costumes just in case