1. I really really really wanted to go to DC for the March but it wasn't feasible because I needed to be back for a 7am shift
  2. So I traveled to Charlotte instead
  3. And was blown away by the turnout
  4. People expected a few thousand people
  5. BUT 20,000 PEOPLE CAME
  6. The march was supposed to be contained to the sidewalks but so many people showed up that they had to shut down streets in Uptown
  7. It was beautiful
  8. AND the rain held off until the march was done
  9. Static
  10. The signs I saw were works of art
  11. People are so talented and clever and passionate and eloquent
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Everyone who attended and supported empowers me to do more and speak louder
  15. And I hope I inspired others to speak up too
  16. It's takes less than a minute to tell your representatives what you think of confirmations/bills/policies
  17. This is only the beginning