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  1. He can climb walls? Absolutely terrifying.
  1. "I hate kids"
  2. "Aw I bet you want lots of children!"
    That statement was true once, then I actually started working with them.
  3. "babysitting?"
    100% nope. The thought of coming home from work to find more kids there terrifies me?
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Everything just everything was against me
  1. Woke up an hour late
  2. Got ready double speed got to the bus stop realised I forgot to put a bra on
  3. Waited for the 8:45 bus, it arrived at 9. I start at 9.
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  1. The Devil Inside
    Any horror that has a religious/possession element has to be good in my opinion. This one takes it though because they convinced me it was a real story too
  2. American Ultra
    Kirsten Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are a golden pair. Plus this film is about badass stoners that kill people with frying pans and spoons, enough said.
  3. Part Of Me
    Although I never watch it because it makes me ridiculously depressed
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I shouldn't actually have to explain myself
  1. They're small little fluffy balls of joy
  2. They lick themselves to clean themselves and it actually works???
  3. They lick their own arse holes and are completely okay with it
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If you do something that's on this list it means I probably hate you (congrats)
  1. Lack of respect for animals/nature
  2. B.O
    So basically every form of public transport too
  3. Having views that aren't the same as mine
    I'm always right. Always.
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  1. Knocked me straight over
  2. Bent down to help me up
  3. Started to apologise then recognised who I was
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Any party that has a mix of family and friends never ends well.
  1. Accidentally twerked on a family table
    It wasn't like a serious twerk but anaconda was playing and I was feelin myself
  2. Knocked children over
    They're just so small and trying to avoid walking into fully grown people is a serious task for me when drunk
  3. Chugged a whole bottle of wine
    There's no excuses for this one. It is what it is, let's move on.
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If you thought your childhood bully was mean, try working with 3-5 year olds.
  1. "Your fingers are fat sausages"
    Just smile and laugh. Smile and laugh.
  2. "You smell really stinky"
    To be honest with you kid I wasn't the one that just shit myself
  3. "You look like a whale"
    Whales are cute, name me an ugly whale??? See
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Ha ha ha HA HA wow
  1. This ones not too old but it's funny, I looked good and my friend in the back...well she hated me for a good month for this one
  2. I had a hippie phase (how many bracelets?)
  3. I had one dreadlock with a clay bead on it, obviously cool
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