1. The Devil Inside
    Any horror that has a religious/possession element has to be good in my opinion. This one takes it though because they convinced me it was a real story too
  2. American Ultra
    Kirsten Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are a golden pair. Plus this film is about badass stoners that kill people with frying pans and spoons, enough said.
  3. Part Of Me
    Although I never watch it because it makes me ridiculously depressed
  4. Dark Shadows
    Johnny depp as a clueless vampire brought back in the 60's. The soundtrack is amazing too.
  5. The Runaways
    A film about the first all girl rock-band (including Joan jett) full of fuck you moments and girl power, this also has a great soundtrack. Kirsten Stewart cut off her long brown hair into a black mullet for this role too.
  6. Adventureland
    Kirsten and jesse again, it's about teenagers working at a themepark. Just watch it.
  7. Everest
    The recent one with jake gyllenhaal in (they also managed a shirtless scene in this with him, completely necessary. Obviously) but there's something about a man crying to his wife that makes my heart curl into a ball and weep...I love it.
  8. All of the Saw films
    My inner psychopath loves it.
  9. Frozen
    I'm sorry
  10. The first like 3 minutes of Zombeavers
    hahahaha hahahaha HA aha hahaha @john love u