If you thought your childhood bully was mean, try working with 3-5 year olds.
  1. "Your fingers are fat sausages"
    Just smile and laugh. Smile and laugh.
  2. "You smell really stinky"
    To be honest with you kid I wasn't the one that just shit myself
  3. "You look like a whale"
    Whales are cute, name me an ugly whale??? See
  4. "I want to hit you in the face"
    I admire this kids approach to life
  5. "You're ugly"
    I hear this nearly every day off the same child
  6. Me: "Can you please stop eating the crayons?" Child: "Can you die?"
    This wasn't personally as offensive as the others but it was just as funny
  7. "Fuck off"
    Thank you
  8. This shall continue