the man can tell a story
  1. the one about the girl drowning herself in the ocean after her husband dies riding a dangerous bull in the rodeo
    beaches of cheyenne
  2. the one about the young ranch hand who has sex with the older woman he works for because she brings him coffee while wearing an old dress and then he thinks about her whenever he has sex with anyone else
    that summer
  3. the one about the ginger girl staying out all night to dance and hook up with her boyfriend even though her mom told her to be back in bed before the morning and then she got grounded but then she went out again the next night
    ain't going down till the sun comes up
  4. the one where the guy ruins his ex's wedding by wearing boots and getting drunk and making a big scene and telling the bride to kiss his ass
    friends in low places
  5. the one about the dad killing his cheating mom by crashing his diesel truck into the motel room where she was doing it with her boyfriend and now the dad is in jail
    papa loved mama
  6. the hope floats one
    to make you feel my love
  7. the one about seeing his high school girlfriend at a football game and he thinks about how much he loved her but then she wasn't that pretty anymore so he realized he was grateful for his wife and prayed about it
    unanswered prayers