For various reasons explained below
  1. MOD Pizza
    The fact that they all yell "Welcome!!!" and "mod squad!!" in a forced volume as if all the workers are dead inside should have been the only clue I needed that I WOULD HATE IT HERE
  2. Jamba Juice
    Similarly, I do not want to hear "Jamba, jamba!" "Thank you!!" every time I try to order a smoothie.
  3. Starbucks
    Yes, I do want the extra shot of espresso, that's why I asked. I feel you judging my coffee ability and I do not appreciate it one bit. I am a coffee PROFESSIONAL. Leave me alone.
  4. Yogurtland
    Last time I went to Yogurtland, there were literally five thousand small children running around everywhere with Kung Fu Panda cups. 2/10 would not recommend.
  5. Any fast food place anywhere
    This one doesn't need an explanation.