mainly I learned that working full time is not a life I want to live
  1. Getting ready to go on a walk will take 1 hour
    Because five kids will have to pee and when they're done five more kids will have to, leaving me to constantly ask the children to ask themselves, " I need to go potty?"
  2. The one day a child wears a diaper is the one day they will not poop themselves
    Meanwhile every other day they will poop in the sandbox, the swimming pool, the bathroom (but not on the toilet), and at circle time
  3. Parents who say their children are potty-trained are dirty, dirty liars
    Have fun with your trashbag of peed on clothes!!
  4. No matter how fun the activity is, someone will always be throwing a temper tantrum
    On some days it was actually me!
  5. The hours of 9-10 and 4-5 go by the slowest
    Is the clock even working? Probably not.
  6. Kids say the funniest things
    Highlights include: "I love my brother so I will marry him", "I don't poop so good so I have to drink pear juice", and "teacher come look at my poop it looks like a rainbow!"
  7. "No thank you" is a fantastic term
    Oh, you're pulling on my hair? "No thank you!" You want to pour your juice on Alex? "No thank you!"
  8. But most important of all.....
  9. No matter how unruly they all are, three year olds have a way of making you feel so, so special.