(For Amanda, the only person who follows me)
  1. Biked along the Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo
  2. Hiked to waterfall Rio Celeste the most beautiful mermaid water I've ever seen
  3. Swam in said mermaid water
  4. Danced to traditional carnival samba with natives
  5. Helped a local Nicaraguan school in the slums build a bench
  6. Jumped into a lagoon in the crater of an inactive volcano
  7. Kayaked on the clearest water I've ever seen
  8. Attended a musical in Spanish at the Teatro Nacional of Costa Rica
  9. Wandered into the rainforest when I was supposed to be doing community service
  10. Meditated on a bridge above a river in the middle of the same rainforest
  11. Tried to Tarzan it out on a vine and broke the wilderness .......
  12. Disobeyed a do not enter sign and fence to put my feet in a lagoon
  13. Had a straight up branch thrown at me by a monkey
  14. Hiked a mountain with hundreds of happy rescued dogs
  15. Made friends with a French girl in a hostel one night and continued to travel with her