1. No ones ever cared about me like this before
  2. We fit together perfectly
  3. You think I'm funny sometimes
  4. The faces you make
  5. I've actually started to like football ....
  6. You put so much thought into everything
  7. You're a teddy bear
  8. The way your hair smells
  9. How peaceful you look when you're sleeping
  10. I like tracing the letters on your chest
  11. Your hands
  12. The way you look in a black t shirt. Help me.
  13. You boop my nose and it's adorable
  14. ^ sound effect included
  15. You don't care when my legs are hairy
  16. You love memes and I still accept you as human
  17. My lip hurts not because you were tryna be all sexy while kissing me but because you tried to eat a French fry out of my mouth ..
  18. Butterfly kisses
  19. I think you honestly liked me more after I burped in your face
  20. You watched my favorite movie with me
  21. And liked it ^
  22. (It was dirty dancing)
  23. My opinions matter to you
  24. You have great stories
  25. I don't know when I'll ever see you again.