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Bj Novak and Nicholas Kraft are hosting a show of top listers. This is why it's excellent...
  1. My boyfriend is the penultimate performer
  2. He is nervous
  3. He has drunk 2 glasses of wine
3 more...
  1. Having had uk dentistry all my life my teeth are so grim that my Nyc dentist says I have to now go to him ALL THE TIME. I virtually live in his surgery these days.
  2. It hurts
  3. It's rude. Too close.
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Never even met them let alone cooked for them but tonight they are coming over for supper...
  1. Chicken (what if they are vegetarians, gah)
  2. Red curry paste (what if they don't like spice)
  3. Rice (what if they are actually racist)
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He may have written Love Actually but my boyfriend is winning no awards for his wooing skills. You are now entitled to get a full refund on any of his dvd's.
  1. Flowers from the corner shop
  2. Six Halloween chocolates from the deli
  3. A freebie necklace from the place he had a meeting that morning.
  4. The end.