Perils of being ~all too aware~ of living in Los Angeles
  1. Young blond girl with heavy eyeliner and ripped pink tank top, thought she was Avril Lavigne
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  2. Guy in black shirt who just cut the line: Dave Eggers
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    This guy just rolled by me again and I think it's my best bet for accuracy
  3. Older woman: Susan Sarandon
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  4. Woman in navy shirt and jeans that blended together to look like scrubs: Mindy Lahiri, the Mindy Project
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  5. Nerdy young guy in dodger shirt and glasses: Brian from Gilmore Girls
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  6. Guy in white hat who I can only see the back of: my 11th grade math teacher???
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    Please no. Will not "enjoy," as he liked to sign his erratically unpunctuated emails
  7. Woman whose mannerisms, but not looks are a mirror image of Professor Trelawney
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    Note: had a calculus teacher whose looks AND mannerisms were a mirror of Professor Trelawney.