I'm not a fan of asking children what they want to be when they grow up because it implies that your job is what you are and that's a big responsibility for a five year old. And even now at twenty my job defined me in certain ways but it isn't all that I am. However I did want a lot of jobs when I was young.
  1. Age Five: I wanted to be a veterinarian
    because I loved animals. Duh.
  2. Age Seven: I wanted to be a professional dog walker
    because I found out that vets needed to sometimes hurt dogs in order to help them. (P.S. I was very adamant about the word professional in front of the words dog walker bc wasn't looking to be an amateur tbh)
  3. Age Nine: I don't think that thought about it very much at this age but I'm pretty sure if you asked me at this age I would have said stay at home mom
    because that's what my mom was and I was really reaping the benefits at this time and I really liked reading and I thought that I would get to read extra books if I had kids to read them to.
  4. Age Twelve: I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a teacher
    because I was convinced that I was smarter than most people and I thought I could really help kids by revolutionizing the entire public education system.
  5. Age Thirteen: I wanted to be a Disney channel star
    (I'm very glad now that I was not one. No offense to all my biddies who are killing it now. Just not for me) I even decided that if I didn't "make it" as an actress by age 16 then I would give up on that pipe dream. lol.
  6. Age Fourteen: I wanted to be president of the United States and honestly this was one job that I was 100% sure about (gross)
    I even got in a screaming match with this ginger mother fucker in my 8th grade Spanish class who told me otherwise. It is important to note that I did not want to be the first female president bc 1:I thought my gender was fucking irrelevant (and it was/is)2: many women would come before me
  7. Age Sixteen: I wanted to be an actress.
    But this time I wanted to be the kind that was very serious (lol really 16 year old Emma) who went to fancy drama school. So I started auditioning at American universities and woah I got in to Emerson College and I fucking love it here. Thanks sixteen year old me, you did the damn thing
  8. Age Twenty: Fuck. Well I like to think that I'm smart enough to know now that I don't know shit.
    I know I'm going to be pursuing acting (otherwise my parents wasted a lot of money. Thanks mom and dad!) And I just started to play around with screenwriting and other aspects of film making. But I'm excited to see what else I happen to turn out to "be".