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pretty sure my housemates think i'm at church right now and i'm going to enjoy explaining to my employer tomorrow why my voice is hoarse.
  1. @elav and i continue our tradition of bad photos together.
  2. now we are sitting and videos keep playing i did not bring an activity but emily has her kindle i am v jealous
  3. emily is cold and i need like a cup and a half more of coffee than i had.
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she's graduating college today and i am in attendance and very proud of her!!!
  1. our story begins with a commitment to wearing the same thing i wore to my own graduation last year (minus the cap and gown obvi)
    look how sassy and not internally panicking i look! (this was just trying on my regalia not day of so the panic was yet to come)
  2. it is important to note the shoes i am wearing.
    they're about to become v relevant to this list.
  3. i just looked to see if i complained about these shoes at my graduation but i did not
    they were An Issue
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the summer of being both in and out of my comfort zone begins.
  1. suffer extreme anxiety over interacting with my housemates
    new people are hard and when you live upstairs from everyone you can hide in your room a lot
  2. finally get over said anxiety enough to ask where to put things in the kitchen
    i also paid money to join in the house's CSA for the summer and vaguely committed to cooking with them when i am able to do so
  3. wandered porchfest with charlotte and got her tour of the neighborhood
    i now know where to get cheap and good food and beer
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based on things i have done this morning.
  1. purchasing eggs, milk, and extra strength mucinex at 9 AM
  2. coffee runs at cute little bakeries where it's all awesome women working there
  3. making pancakes for all the still asleep people while listening to lemonade
  1. found the holy grail of a nude lipstick that works for me at sephora
  2. introduced to primark so basically goodbye all of my money
  3. also introduced to roche bros which may in fact save my life this summer
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  1. @brimattia told me to
  2. i have a lot of feelings and find bullet points immensely satisfying