the summer of being both in and out of my comfort zone begins.
  1. suffer extreme anxiety over interacting with my housemates
    new people are hard and when you live upstairs from everyone you can hide in your room a lot
  2. finally get over said anxiety enough to ask where to put things in the kitchen
    i also paid money to join in the house's CSA for the summer and vaguely committed to cooking with them when i am able to do so
  3. wandered porchfest with charlotte and got her tour of the neighborhood
    i now know where to get cheap and good food and beer
  4. awkwardly interacted with the couple in my house's friends who i also presume are a couple
    "what are you making?" "pasta with crap in it i dunno" "oh my favorite pasta with crap" SIR PLEASE I AM AWKWARD ABOUT EVEN COOKING IN THIS KITCHEN AT ALL
  5. tried to decide if i cared about being in the house alone and then decided i did not (see below)
  6. sat on our porch and eaten pasta while listening to the bodega across the street blast frank sinatra
    this is now and it's pretty great