1. Billy Bob Thorton
    We were in an elevator together.
  2. Kristen Ritter
    I was at some huge adult party for a family friend or someone and she also knew that family and was there. I was really excited to talk to her. Also this was before Jessica Jones so it was sups random.
  3. Zooey Deschanel
    I think she was in this dream as her character from New Girl. She hastily threw like fifteen dollars into a tip jar at a cafe. I thought it was weird, only to find out later in the dream that she felt guilty about what she sold to get that money so she was trying to get rid of it. Pretty advanced story telling for a dream.
  4. The Girl Who Plays Ginny in Harry Potter
    She was being interviewed for some amateur podcast or something. This mean guy told her that she was a terrible actress (true) but he was a real dick about it. We stormed out together and started throwing ripe peaches at men on the street (I think we were in Boston.) My overhand was really bad, and I thought maybe it would be a little better in dream world.
  5. Dev Patel
    He was a playwright who shook his community to its core.