You know you love me.
  1. Serena Killed a Man
    Of course she didn't really, but the reveal of her dramatic secret will go down in history.
  2. Bart Bass Isn't Really Dead
    This conspiracy of a century!!! And then he tries to take back Chuck's hotel and says all Chuck did was update the furniture when in reality he built an EMPIRE!!!! Pun intended.
  3. Bart Bass Dies
    The best way to go out is falling off a building during a heated confrontation.
  4. Dan, Vanessa, and Hilary Duff have a Threesome.
    Never a good idea to engage in sexual behavior with your movie star girlfriend and childhood best friend who you've always had feelings for!!
  5. Eleanor Marries Cyrus
    The only genuine person on the Upper East Side.
  6. Jenny Designs a Weird Dress that Eleanor Claims as Her Own
    This dress looks like Tinkerbell went dumpster diving.
  7. Nelly Yuki Goes to Yale
    And Blair has to go to NYU with the commoners as result.
  8. Chuck Adopts a Dog
    Monkey is a great companion for a sad man.
  9. Serena Starts a New Life
    She leaves Manhattan and changes her name to Sabrina and almost marries some boring loser until her friends crash her life and make her come back to the Upper East Side to be miserable again.
  10. Serena is Tyra's Publicist
    Her stint in PR is short lived, of course.
  11. Charlie is Ivy
    Serena's aunt Carol hired an actress to go to NY and pose as her cousin Charlie so that she she could gain access to her daughter's trust fund. Charlie fakes going crazy by trying to become Serena so that the VDWs will never ask to see Charlie again and thus the real Charlie can stay hidden and no one will learn of Carol's trust fund plot.
  12. Charlie and Ivy Pretend to be Hookers
    Somehow Ivy and the real Charlie who's actual name is Lola end up in NY together. They had been in acting class together, and in a classic Upper East Side scheme pose as hookers to catch a criminal in the act.
  13. Any Story Involving Georgina
    Best villain. Bad bitch award.
  14. Jenny Meets Tim Gunn
    And her fashion line gets sabotaged to read WHORE and Tim is sups offended!!
  15. Blair's Prenup
    Her engagement to Louis goes on for like an entire season and in the end he turns out to be evil :(
  16. Chuck Trades Blair for his Hotel
    No he didn't Blair!!!! You almost had sex with his creepy uncle on your own accord!!!
  17. Dan is Gossip Girl and Everyone Stays Friends with Him Anyway
    A) So many plot holes. B) He ruined everybody's life like 109 times! C) Everyone is okay with it!!!!