1. It's a backhanded compliment
  2. Being told "wow, that dress is so flattering" really means "wow, that dress makes you look less fat!"
  3. It means:
    I didn't think your overweight frame could handle anything other than jeans and a sweatshirt, but you're really pulling it off!
  4. Would you tell Selena Gomez her Grammy's dress looked "so flattering?"
    No! You'd probably say she looks beautiful, classy, or sexy.
  5. Would you tell Amy Schumer her Emmy's dress looked "so flattering?"
    Yeah, you might, because she's not a size zero and therefore not worth any genuine praise. (P.S. I'm sorry Amy is always used as an example in these situations, she's beautiful and talented and hilarious)
  6. "Flattering" is just another way to put plus-sized women (or any woman above a size 2) down.
  7. So next time your size 8 Aunt Ruth rocks a cute maxi dress
    Tell her she looks fucking sexy!!