A pathetic collection. I promise I made up for it by watching great TV!
  1. Working Girl
    An eighties romdram about a wannabe career woman and her shifty boss. Features some great hair.
  2. The Boy She Met Online
    A Lifetime original about a high school girl who starts seeing an ex-con she found on a dating site, under the assumption that he was a college student. Not enough bad things happened to teach young audiences an unforgettable lesson that will have them deleting their tinder apps after viewing.
  3. Legally Blonde
    So obviously I've seen this before. Watched this with the sister on her last in the swich before becoming an official New York lady. It was the movie's fifteen year anniversary this month, and it's just as magical as it was in 2001.
  4. The Invitation
    V disturbing! I was afraid to leave my room to be pee after! Would recommend!
  5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The opening was so trite and manic-pixie-dream-girl-gross and I kept saying I hate this I hate this I hate this, because I was naive and didn't realize it was all a creative setup for the rest of the movie. Enjoyed it, except the ending which was kind of dumb.
  6. Shadow of Fear
    Another Lifetime movie! About a tough as nails barista and her former co-worker who won't leave her alone. Reminded me of my fave show "Stalked: Someone's Watching." This movie was kinda intense for Lifetime, which meant there wasn't as much fun dialogue to hate-watch.