No one asked for this, but that didn't stop me from rising to the challenge.
  1. 50.
    Colorado — "Nothing Without the Deity"
    Not very empowering. Colorado don't need no Man.
  2. 49.
    Ohio — "With God, All Things Are Possible"
    A slightly cheerier variation.
  3. 48.
    Florida — "In God We Trust"
    I'm just getting the God ones out of the way.
  4. 47.
    Kentucky — "Let Us Give Thanks to God"
    This isn't dinner at Grandma's.
  5. 46.
    Arizona — "God Enriches"
    He can make your life better, but he's not essential. I get this one.
  6. 45.
    South Dakota — "Under God The People Rule"
    The classiest of the God mottos.
  7. 44.
    Connecticut — "He Who Transplanted Sustains"
  8. 43.
    Virginia — "Thus Always to Tyrants"
    Tyrants are bad. Get them out of your motto.
  9. 42.
    Idaho — "Let it be Perpetual"
    Eh. A little vague.
  10. 41.
    Utah — "Industry"
  11. 40.
    Hawaii — "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness"
  12. 39.
    Tennessee — "Agriculture and Commerce"
    Plants and the economy? I'm bored.
  13. 38.
    Washington — "By and By"
    Those are words.
  14. 37.
    Maine — "I direct"
    Direct what? Direct traffic? Direct films? Direct TV?
  15. 36.
    North Dakota — "Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable"
    Too much.
  16. 35.
    Iowa — "Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Maintain"
    Kinda verbose, imo.
  17. 34.
    Pennsylvania — "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"
  18. 33.
    Vermont — "Freedom and Unity"
    Sort of a juxtaposition of sorts.
  19. 32.
    Delaware — "Liberty and Independence"
    Simple, succinct. If this were project runway, it might go home for playing it safe.
  20. 31.
    New Jersey — "Liberty and Prosperity"
    Prosperity is a bit more interesting. I'm into riches. I hope to be prosperous one day. Maybe I should move to New Jersey.
  21. 30.
    California — "Eureka" or "I Have Found It"
    Not sure what context this is meant for but I like it.
  22. 29.
    Alabama — "We Dare to Defend Our Rights"
    I accept that dare every day of my star-spangled life.
  23. 28.
    Alaska — "North to the Future"
    Not bad.
  24. 27.
    Georgia — "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation"
    These nouns are a bit spunkier than some of the others we've encountered.
  25. 26.
    Massachusetts — "By the Sword, We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty"
    We fight for what's right in the state of my birth.
  26. 25.
    Mississippi — "By Valor and Arms"
    We have a major defense program, did you know?
  27. 24.
    Missouri — "The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law"
    Moral and sound.
  28. 23.
    Arkansas — "The People Rule"
  29. 22.
    Nevada — "All For Our Country"
  30. 21.
    Illinois — "State Sovereignty, National Union"
    These ideals mesh.
  31. 20.
    Texas — "Friendship"
    Friends are good. Maybe I'll have some one day.
  32. 19.
    Michigan — "If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You"
    Solid alliteration.
  33. 18.
    Wyoming — "Equal Rights"
  34. 17.
    Nebraska — "Equality Before the Law"
    Yeah plus!
  35. 16.
    Wisconsin — "Forward"
  36. 15.
    Rhode Island — "Hope"
    Kinda Obama-y.
  37. 14.
    West Virginia — "Mountaineers Are Always Free"
    Seems weird that they're focusing on mountaineers. This is AMERICA. We're ALL free.
  38. 13.
    Louisiana — "Union, Justice, and Confidence"
    Confidence is key. #LeanIn
  39. 12.
    New York — "Ever Upward!"
    I love the exclamation point!
  40. 11.
    New Mexico — "It Grows as it Goes"
  41. 10.
    Montana — "Gold and Silver"
    Cash money.
  42. 9.
    Indiana — "The Crossroads of America"
  43. 8.
    Maryland — "Manly Deeds, And Womanly Words"
    Kinda sexist but amusing still.
  44. 7.
    South Carolina — "While I Breathe, I Hope"
    Could also be a good motto for one of those meditation apps I'm always trying to get into.
  45. 6.
    Minnesota — "I Long to See What is Beyond"
    American exceptionalism!
  46. 5.
    New Hampshire — "Live Free or Die"
    Great dramatic flair and important message.
  47. 4.
    North Carolina — "To Be, Rather Than to Seem"
    Relevant today especially. Tear apart the facade, NC.
  48. 3.
    Oklahoma — "Hard Work Conquers All Things"
    I have no patience for useless things.
  49. 2.
    Oregon — "She Flies With Her Own Wings"
    Pretty, and kinda feminist. Probably wasn't meant to be read that way, but it is in my interpretation. I've always been interested in Oregon due to its temperate climate.
  50. 1.
    Kansas — "To The Stars Through Adversity"
    This is motivational and inspiring. Simple and eloquent. Swell motto.