Inspired by @norrybear
  1. Get an iced coffee from Dunks
    I've seen a couple locations around Europe but have yet to be reunited.
  2. Work out
    The gym at the castle has a rusty elliptical that's pedals don't move bc we're all lazy
  3. Detox.
    They serve us way too much bread, cheese, and potatoes and fry half the things we eat. Hit me up with the avocado and quinoa.
  4. Make that dollah dollah
    My $22 hours a week from the castle "resource center" isn't cutting it
  5. Get Chipotle
    I've had like no Mexican food this entire semester! One glorious burrito in Prague, and it wasn't enough.
  6. Get my hair cut
    I look like a ratchet-ass Rapunzel