Trigger warning!!!!!!!1!!!!!!
  1. My computer moving at a glacial pace.
    You know how that thrills me.
  2. Other people being stressed.
  3. Making plans.
    I don't want to choose the time or place or event.
  4. Eating a ton of pizza and then feeling fat.
  5. People crying in front of me.
  6. Working in a group.
  7. Having to do math.
  8. Parties where I don't know anyone.
  9. Parties where there's no alcohol.
  10. Sleeping in a room with no background noise.
  11. Driving other people.
    I don't want your life in my hands.
  12. Showing people my writing when I'm not sure if it's good.
    Or worse, thinking it's good and being scared of finding out it's bad.
  13. Meeting young men.
  14. Giving presentations.
  15. Going to a new gym for the first time.
  16. The dentist.
  17. Sleeping in motels.
    Bed bugs are everywhere!!! That scene from Ocean's 13 still haunts me.
  18. Not knowing where I'm going or not knowing where I am.
  19. Several people talking loudly at once.
    Indoor voices!!!
  20. Being late.
  21. Eating with chopsticks.
    It's embarrassing how bad I am. Please just give me a fork.
  22. Trying on clothes.
    Especially bathing suits and jeans.
  23. Texting someone I'm not that close with.
    I see your read receipt!!
  24. Making a phone call.
  25. When someone asks "so what's up with you?"