Love your sisters
  1. Saying Alt-J is their favorite band
    They really like the song Breezeblocks
  2. Wearing vineyard vines
    But in, like, an ironic way
  3. Driving mini coopers
    Mini coopers are the bane of my existence. It looks like there is an empty parking spot but it's not. The mini usually has sorority letters on them
  4. Talking about how drunk they were the night before
    Does not just apply to LA sororities
  5. Saying they have a ton of guy friends in frats
    They're chill girls. They get along with the boys. They know how to play rage cage.
  6. Wearing baseball hats
    But their hair better look good
  7. Melrose trading post
    They're urban girls who KNOW culture
  8. Candid instagrams
    She's fun and carefree but if that photo doesn't get over 100 likes she's deleting it.