1. "The only thing that goes in my mouth is filet mignon"
    When asked for a blowjob
  2. "Wait can you guys wait for like 10? I need to shit"
  3. "You're a backstabbing bitch!"
  4. "I don't know why but I really love the name Lucifer"
  5. "Your mom is really pretty. In some outfits"
  6. "I'm not gay, it was a phase. I can't do dick"
  7. "I think my family is sending me to Korea. But I'm hoping they're just giving me a Louis Vuitton duffel"
  8. "Don't tell her shit, she's a loose lipped bitch"
  9. "The heart wants what the heart wants, Selena said that"
  10. "Happy Mother's Day to all you bitches that took Plan B this year!"
  11. "Are you taking your panties off little girl?"
  12. "The boos and baes are all here!"
  13. "What drinks do you want? I'm buying. Here's my Mickey Mouse credit card"
  15. "Oh my god I'm going to kill myself, my Cartier knock off bracelet is too small"
  16. "I need to lose weight guys, I need to be able to fit into my Cartier love bracelet by the fall"
    Two drinks deep and dressed as a woman
  18. Lawrence and one of his boos
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  19. "I'm going to Instagram this picture when she dies"
    Suggested by @Rose
  20. "Fuck all you bitches, I'm going to Malibu"