1. Inside Amy Schumer
    2 episodes from season 2 and the most recent episode of season 3
  2. Mad Max trailer
    Maybe gonna go see this later today?
  3. Breaking Bad
    My dad just got Netflix and just got Apple TV and is just hearing about this show (?????) We watched three episodes from season 2. He's shocked/horrified that he's watching this much television at once.
  4. "How to write an alt-j song"
    http://bit.ly/1em4uN2 I appreciate their commitment to snacking throughout the whole video
  5. Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke
    I thought it was really cute WHATEVER
  6. Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" music video
  7. Justin Bieber "Baby" music video
  8. More Justin Bieber music videos
    I need to read more