1. The cellist at the 2nd ave F
    This is my subway stop and whenever I get on the platform and he's there it's like magic. People rarely take their headphones out and listen and CLAP after every song but this guy is like a modern day bard. He just sings and plays these beautiful accompaniments on the cello. They all kind of sound the same but I don't care it's so wonderful.
  2. The brass band at Herald Square
    There are like 9 of these dudes and they always have a huge crowd that never manages to get in the way of the commuters trying to get home. They're loud and dancey New Orleans style brass that plays rock and roll music. Always fun.
  3. Too Many Zoos at Union Square
    They're nuts!! Like the most New York subway act you'll see. Drums and horns. Fast and percussive. Quintessential.
  4. The guy on the train that does welcome to the jungle with a puppet skeleton
    I saw this once and immediately looked it up when I got home because I was obsessed with it. http://youtu.be/7vrByJgJJt8