Halloween is cold, you guys.
  1. Princess
    Like a thousand layers of dress, plus a long sleeve turtleneck underneath. Come at me, spooky night air.
  2. Butterfly
    Basically a child's evening gown with wings that I could wrap around me as a blanket.
  3. Ninja
    Long sleeves. Long pants. Gloves. Face mask.
  4. Captain Crunch
    Big ass hat keeps all the heat from escaping.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood
    You think she wore that hood for style? That's a fleece lined blanket she's carrying through the woods. Bonus: basket full of snacks.
  6. Olympic gymnast
    Long sleeves. Sweatpants. Warm socks.
  7. Dinosaur
    Would like to point out that I wore a onesie on Halloween before it was cool because I'm a hip piece of garbage.