In honor of their anniversary.
  1. My dad and my godfather moved to New York after dropping out of grad school to "set the world on fire with jazz rock fusion"
  2. After that didn't work out, they played on cruise ships for a couple of years, before my dad decided to give up and "get a real job"
  3. Meanwhile, my mom was living in Queens with her brother, my uncle Tony and his wife.
  4. She went to Baruch at night and worked in the Nabisco building during the day programming computers.
  5. My dad's new real job was also in the Nabisco building, also programming computers.
  6. Side note: the Nabisco building was a real piece of garbage. Full of rats and in the meat packing district before the meat packing district was full of designer clothes and nightclubs and overpriced brunch. Ya know, back when it was used for packing meat. The parking lot next to Nabisco used to be a garbage hole. Now it's a park.
    I'm pretty sure the Nabisco building itself is now home to the restaurants of two food network stars.
  7. They met on the third floor of the Nabisco building. My dad thought she was so pretty and would try and talk to her everyday.
  8. My mom had a boyfriend.
  9. My dad, relentless in his knowing of her, decided to befriend my mom.
  10. He drove her to class every night, and then drove her back to Queens after. He would walk her to the door every time.
  11. My mom would say "goodnight!" And then close the door in his face. My dad would walk back to the car and swear off doing it again.
  12. He would do it again.
  13. Every night.
  14. My mom's boyfriend had season Yankees tickets and he could never go because he was always working.
    I guess he was too busy being rich and handsome and taking international business phone calls. I truly know nothing about this guy but I like to imagine him as a real catch. All-American family man who loved baseball and was born pretty rich but then decided he wanted to earn his keep to prove himself. My mother is a literal goddess. These are the kind of people she should've been dating pre-my dad.
  15. Because her boyfriend could never go see the Yankees, my mom would take my dad
    Just two pals, going to watch the game!
  16. My mom realized that my dad is the man because he's funny and smart and good and also always available to watch baseball.
  17. They got together and it's been that way ever since.
  18. We were not raised as baseball fans. Thus enforcing my theory that my father hates baseball, but really loves my mom.
  19. Here's a photo of them now. They're the best.
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