I live on a very busy street at the crux of several schools in the district. It is prime trick or treating territory.
  1. Army boy who was clearly tired of chasing his sister and his friends
    Probably 12. Took a three musketeers, looked me dead in the eye and wished me a Happy Halloween with the enthusiasm of a dad at a One Direction concert.
  2. My high school history teacher's son, dressed as Spider-Man
    Climbed the steps on our stoop, took a kit kat, realized he didn't know how to climb down stairs. He caused a tiny child pileup because he was blocking the candy bowl
  3. Preteen boy without a costume who called me 'mom'
    Was trying to make a joke, but then all of his friends started hitting him and saying he was adopted. Two Hershey bars.
  4. Girl who asked me if I had to hear my neighbor's construction all day and then rolled her eyes in sympathy when I said yes.
    1 Peanut butter cup, 1 crunch bar
  5. Boy who ran up the stairs saying "I'm not being anything!"
    Good for you kid! Fight the power! 1 peanut butter cup.
  6. His brother, who was wearing a skeleton costume
    When I pointed out that we matched he told me that "oh wow we do!!!" And then showed me how he lost one glove and another had broken perfectly so that the middle finger bones were permanently flipping someone off. 1 snickers.
  7. Football player
    Snagged two Reese's, then asked if I had "any special ones".
  8. Family dressed like all of the avengers
    Really chatty tiny iron man. Very true to character. 2 butterfingers.
  9. Every little boy dressed as batman who said "I'm batman"
  10. All the little girls dressed as Supergirl/Batgirl/Wonder Woman
    Fills my nerdy girl heart with joy.
  11. Tiny Elsa who made sure I understood her friend's custom robot costume before taking candy
    Her friend was a bright pink robot named "Ektra-Tron" who's real name is Ektra. Loved every second of this interaction as tiny Elsa was obviously thrilled by the cleverness of this joke and the fact that she got to explain it to an adult.
  12. The really polite alternative teens who were like maybe too old to trick or treat but obviously loved to dress up and wanted to get some free candy out of it.
    Probably spend a lot of their money at hot topic. Do alternative kids still but things at hot topic?