Listing through the illness 🤒🤕
  1. Cool water cup
  2. Tea
  3. Mug
    For tea
  4. Big sweater
    Aka wearable blanket
  5. Essential oils
    For my tiny humidifier. I don't actually know if this has any health benefits but it smells like it does.
  6. Podcasts
    I have a hard time reading or watching things when I'm sick because my eyes are always tired, so I like to just listen instead. I like Dear Sugar because the advice is good and tbh I find Steve Almond's voice very soothing.
  7. Silence
    For when the podcasting is done and you wanna take a nap and your roommates aren't home.
  8. Not pictured: cool socks (for pizazz), bland snacks (for energy), soup (for soothing the soul and also the throat), a blanket (for a warm cape), the will to stay awake for more than 3 hours (for normalcy)