1. My dad immediately upon seeing Matt Lauer on the tv during the parade said "I'll never forgive him for what he did."
    My dad is Ann Curry's number one fan.
  2. Our turkey was done several hours ahead of schedule so my mom recruited my brother into the kitchen and our house basically turned into an episode of Chopped
    Everyone was yelling "Behind! Behind!" And it was like the entire end of the movie ratatouille was happening except we are humans and not very talented rats.
  3. My whole family discovered that we all have a mutual love and admiration for Fetty Wap.
    Music/personality/love for his hometown won big points at the dinner table
  4. Stuffing
  5. My brother wore a button down shirt and basketball shorts to dinner
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    He wanted to look nice for the photos but still be comfortable.
  6. This happened
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    She did it for the insta
  7. Then this happened
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    Not for the insta but probably to show his whole office and maybe his trainer.
  8. Everyone sang the opening and chorus of a-ha's "Take On Me"
    And then I played the air horn version
  9. Pie
    The GOAT