I'm going on vacation next month and I've been thinking about the things I always do/souvenirs I buy when I go someplace new. Add yours!
  1. Climb to the highest place in the city
    My brother started this one. He likes to get the best vantage point in the whole city, preferably as the sun is going down or coming up.
  2. Buy a Christmas ornament
    Learned this from my mom's travels. Easily the best way to have a special/unique Christmas tree and they're always fun to unpack in December.
  3. Save my ticket stubs
    I have a bunch in a box right now, still trying to figure out the best way to display them.
  4. Grab food/drink somewhere recommended by a local.
    I feel like you really get to know a place through its food scene, and I like to get advice from locals rather than relying on travel info.
    Suggested by @kate_dom