1. when ppl laugh at my jokes
  2. when i write something n it's especially beautiful and well written
  3. when i read something that makes me stop and say wow
  4. the stars and sun and moon and nature
  5. sunrises on my roof
  6. pretending to be someone I'm not and being exactly who I am at the same time
  7. setting goals and writing journal entries and meditating
  8. being body posi ab myself and others
  9. listening to people like Rowan Blanchard and Beyoncé and remembering I'm a badass
  10. sushi and chocolate covered strawberries and kettle corn and pretzels and all yummy foods
  11. great fashion and cool Insta aesthetics
  12. mood boards and dreams and shooting for stars
  13. laughing with friends until I can't breathe
  14. cuddles with mom and long talks with dad
  15. joking with Peter and uplifting with McNal and sporting with Kace
  16. coffee and tea and honey
  17. face masks and spa days
  18. cats and dogs and bunnies and animals because hello?!
  19. early mornings when everything is still and light and beautiful and quiet
  20. late nights with great movies and good memories
  21. long naps
  22. warm showers
  23. making someone happy
  24. compliments and complimenting
  25. listen to new Beyoncé and old Britney and soul/ r n b
  26. using happi emojis
  27. selfies that make me feel cute
  28. red lipstick and gold eyeshadow
  29. cutesy things and cutesy words and blushing and soft smiles
  30. spreading n receiving love
  31. positive self talk and self love
  32. sticking up for me and others
  33. writing, even junk
  34. when I realize how blessed I am, and I just feel unbelievably grateful
  35. smiles- to and fro