1. Nebraskans apparently don't believe in toilet seat covers (why NOT?!)
    Of all the public bathrooms I frequented, I only saw one bathroom in Omaha that offered toilet seat covers in the stalls, and even then I really don't know if the airport counts.
  2. Sonic's cheeseburgers were good but they reminded me a lot of In n Out, and they're no In n Out
    The employees no longer skate your food order to you, nor do they leave the food on a red tray that hangs from your car window. Despite Sonic having tots instead of fries, In n Out still came out ahead in my book.
  3. Never have I had so much pressure, in a four-day span, to get married from people I wasn't related to/didn't know
    Also factoring the fact that I was reminded on a few occasions of my age, which was as unwelcome as the inquiry of my marriage status.
  4. Arnettes are THE sunglasses provider of the midwest
    The ultimate in douchewear