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My hero ❤️👌 (all quotes from Masses to Memes)
  1. "Pope Urban - The R&B pope"
  2. "Remake RoboCop? Repainted the Sistine Chapel why don't you! There are so few perfect things in this world."
  3. On Tom Cruise: "What a ghoul, what a tiny ghoul."
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It's a rough time of year.
  1. 543567 cups of tea
    My life's source.
  2. 5 cups of coffee
    This is extreme for me given the short time frame, I'm a tea person all the way
  3. 7456 samosas
    From the Galley and from Coburg
5 more...
  1. Doodles
    So ~abstract~
  2. Fun borders for pages.
    Pages need love too.
  3. Explorations in cubism
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Mostly in the wardroom, where I live.
  1. "I'm going to go to the bathroom and cry... I AM Moaning Myrtle."
    Midterm stress affects us all. Shout out to @mcgoogle
  2. "I am here for the Bieber Renaissance"
    Have you seen the dance video for "Sorry" yet though??
  3. "I'm going to do my typical finals thing and watch clips of America's Next Top Model to remind myself that my life still has direction"
    Such a gem. Heard in the wardroom bc where else??
  4. I will update as I hear more Kingsian gems.
  1. I should probably get out of bed now...
  1. What even is Labrador though??
    I maybe figured it out?
  2. How to make pizza dough
    Jamie Oliver is my hero.
  3. Is the killam subway open today?
    Asking for a friend 🤓
2 more...
  1. Looking at babies without noses
    Voldemort is coming, and he's really cute.
  2. Thinking about what to eat for lunch
    Food probably.
  3. Staring at my notes without seeing them
    It's too sunny. I'm literally blinded.
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  1. This is my fourth glass of wine (I think)
  2. That's pretty much it.
  3. :)
  4. Glass number 5??