Things that I find funny (and you might not)
  1. Using selfie sticks incorrectly
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    Looking at you, Fred Armisen.
  2. License plates with silly things on them
    It's foolish and expensive, but it gets me every time.
  3. When you start to say a list like you're going to add more but you stop earlier than your tone implies you will.
    "I'm going to the store to buy some cat laxatives, (breath)...." And it's over. But I want more info!!!
  4. Gibberish words being used nonchalantly as if they were normal.
    "What's a 4 syllable phrase with no vowels that you use regularly?" "Oh I know! Grbl grbl!!" -- Trevor Lasalvia, as told to me by my sister.
  5. Typos that make it seem like someone is swearing/or coming out of the closet
    Autocorrect once turned "vicariously" into "bicuriously": "I think I got bicuriously hungover through Emma"
  6. Puns