I cry a lot and I care deeply about the characters on television shows. Feel free to tell me what makes you cry also!! I
  1. Niagara Falls part 2-- the office
    As soon as Jim cuts his tie I lose it.
  2. "The Body" -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Honestly every episode of this show makes me cry??? But this one is a lot of emotions and it's hard for me to hold it together.
  3. "The one hundredth" -- Friends
    Phoebe and the triplets is just TOO MUCH
  4. "Leslie and Ben" -- Parks and Recreation
    Tbh I'm a sucker for weddings. Andy and April's Fancy Party also gets me.
  5. Any episode where rory and lorelai fight on Gilmore Girls
    Literally every fight between these two makes me cry.
  6. "Later" -- Bojack Horseman
    The finale of a season that got stronger as it continued. The last 2 minutes or so of this episode turn me into a blubbery mess.
  7. "Two cathedrals" -- The West Wing
    This is often considered on of the best tv episodes ever, for good reason. But when president Bartlett is speaking to God in the empty cathedral, you try and NOT cry.
  8. "Bad News" -- How I Met Your Mother
    Honestly HIMYM hasn't aged well for me and sometimes it can be hard to watch. But Bad News is a brilliant episode and Jason Segel really shows his acting chops here. It's HIMYM at its finest