I wrote a "fact-check" of something Ted Cruz said for work, which involved looking at the past decade or so of Gallup polls, starting in 2004. It's now being circulated on conservative media with the sick burn "No one cares about 2004, Emma." There are lots of reasons to care about 2004!
  1. Mean Girls came out
    I know, right?
  2. Ken Jennings won 74 episodes of jeopardy!
  3. The beginning of Facebook 🙀
    True story ask Aaron Sorkin
  4. Luke realized his love for Lorelai
  5. Avril Lavigne released "Under My Skin"
    So much for my happy endinggg
  6. Rachel got off the plane
  7. The Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918!!
    A suggestion from my dad
  8. The freaking Notebook!
  9. Leave (Get Out) by JoJo
    Right now
  10. I lost my sixth grade spelling bee by spelling "anthropology" like the store
    I will never forgive Anthropologie
  11. Also there were Gallup polls about voter identification that are still accurate
    Ok bye!