Candy I Love

Which everyone else hates or calls "old people candy." More for me amiright?!
  1. Good n' plenty
    Or any type of black licorice, candy coated or not
  2. Circus peanuts
    I was once given a circus peanut from the pocket of a crazy man. It was delicious
  3. 3 musketeers
  4. Dots
    Not great for your teeth (or dentures) but worth it
  5. Fruit gummy things
    Typically found at your local CVS or Walgreens
  6. Mary Janes
    Or bit o' honey. Equally delicious
  7. Werther's original
    I have three in my purse right now!
  8. Necco wafers
    The black licorice wafers are my favorite, but you know this by now
  9. Flavored tootsie rolls
    While I love the original tootsie rolls (and grab them by the handfuls at China Palace in shadyside) I enjoy these for their flavorful chew
  10. Jordan almonds
    Any bridal or baby shower, you'll find me by the bowls of these candy coated nuts