Ok but I've mostly always wanted to be a teacher but here are some other things that I've seriously (in varying degrees) considered
  1. "Artist"
    There is video evidence (thx dad) of me telling my 2nd grade class this. Not sure what my medium was...
  2. Large animal veterinarian
    Was really excited when I learned this was its own thing
  3. President of the United States
    My parents praised me a lot and I felt like hot shit. Also, I've always loved politics.
  4. Supreme Court justice
    Better job security than POTUS, duh
  5. Serious actress
    I was a ham AND my dad told me I would make an excellent pathological liar which is the SAME as acting
  6. Unserious actress
    Natural progression // lowered expectations
  7. Children's bookstore owner
    Basically just Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail"
  8. Voice actor/audio book reader/history channel movie narrator
    Still think this is probably my calling
  9. Lifestyle blogger and/or Instagram celeb
    Aka expert mom/Instagram florist
  10. TV "personality"
    Being paid to be ME and to live artistically~~*
  11. Midwife
    HEAVILY inspired by binge watching "Call The Midwife," a true BBC gem
  12. Small town mayor
    Once I reach the lovable and grandmotherly stage