1. This list is much more for me than any of my 3 followers, but enjoy anyways
  2. I recently dyed (bleached) my hair
  3. I went from my natural mousy brown
  4. To a very Draco Malfoy inspired blonde
  5. And damnit I feel GOOWD
  6. Other reactions people had
  7. Co-worker of my best friend: You hair looks so cute
    Alright, a positive start
  8. Cousin: WOMAN LOOKS FLY
    A compliment I will happily accept any day
  9. Mom: You crazy girl
    Later added no really it looks good.
  10. Best friend: It will look better when you wear solids.
  11. Best home friend: angst
    Just the one word, but something I didn't have through any of my high school/teenage years, so maybe I'll be a punk kid as a 21 year old
  12. Mom (revisited): You kind of have an Aunt Martha thing going on
    Good or bad? We may never know
  13. Dad: Are you blonde now? You look like you are wearing a wig
    The best I could have hoped for